Do Limo Service & Fly Fishing Go Together?

Limo Service and Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing and Limo Rides Go Together?

Are you serious?

Why would anyone want to get in a limo with all their fly fishing equipment?

Firstly you get muddy near the bankside of the river or stream that your actually in and i can tell you no Limo chauffeur is actually going to let you get back in to his limo in the state that you might get into if the weather does turn foul.

There are some great fly fishing spots in the UK and the USA, but as i reside in the UK and actually live in London and i am just going to concentrate on this location for this very first post.

So if your a local londoner and if you have just thought about taking up fly fishing, you first want to know there that is actually NO places to fly fish in central London.

Forgive me for stating the obvious but that needs to be said! But do not fret as there are a handful of great places where you can visit and it really only takes between 60 to 90mins travel time.

The travel time is nothing compared to what your used to if you work in London. Most people do the dreaded rat race commute every day to and fro from work. This sort of travel is for a job and is never enjoyable but 60 to 90mins travel do actually do something that is fun and is going to help you relax and actually enjoy your time is small drop in the ocean of time spent.

So where do i go if i need to fly fish?

The places to visit i would say are, the counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Kent and Berkshire. All these locations have both still waters as well chalk stream rivers. So no matter what your preference there is always a location that can fit your needs

My fav place that i once read about is the River test, its so idyllic has great stock. Being the one of the most famous fly fishing rivers in the world, this has to be a must visit place for any aspiring or established fly fisherman.

There are plenty of different species of trout available in the River Test, these range from the Brown Trout, Grayling and rainbow Trout. Just a word of caution wading is permitted on parts of the river but not all, so do check upon  your arrival.

So what you think? Are you going to be fishing the River Test? Well that 60-90mins travel time may become a tad bit boring. So have you ever thought about adding a bit of excitement to the journey by perhaps travelling up by limo? Or even a executive car?

You don’t have to go all out and use the big stretch limos, i mean you can get a executive car, that will take you and a few friends all the way to the bank of the river in style.

Large vehicles can carry up to 8 people and has enough room, for suitcases, golf clubs and in this case enough room for a few fly fishing rods and all the tackle that you would need for the day.

Fly fishing and Limo rides going together? I think they can!.. :)